Fragments of the Far Realm

The Night Fists Say Hi

As the PCs leave the ruins of Talon Fort victorious they are confronted by a band of Night Fist mercenaries led by a small wizard. The PCs are nearly defeated by the tactical mercenary band, but manage to live to fight another day, so does the diminutive warband leader.

Treasure Hunt

Where the PCs accept a commission from Brandaboris of Fallcrest and travel to the …. in search of the Jade Chalice.

Coming to Fallcrest

Where the PCs journey to Fallcrest, save the merchant CMOT Dibbler from the Bloodfist Orc mercenaries and feast with Brandaboris, the Lord Protector of the town and a potential patron.

The Desecrated Temple

Only seven had survived the Battle on the Rush(Previous LogBlalock Hullinspeed, Chance Midian, Fizzleburp Ragebringer, Biree, Larry, his brother Darrell, and his other brother Darrell. The small group fled into a dungeon underneath the watchtowers, as they were overwhelmed by devils. Larry found a halberd on a corpse and quickly barred the trapdoor behind them.

They found themselves in what turned out to be an ancient temple. The hallway believed haunted was an entranceway guarded by a pair of nasty fire breathing beetles and a swarm of tiny lizards. Biree was quick to find the lizards, living inside a 10’ pit trap, which she fell through. All foes receive the same response from Fizzleburp, so he promptly leaped over the pit and bashed the beetles into goo. The lizards were more problematic, attacking as one, they killed and consumer Larry, and nearly Biree as well, who finally managed to dispatch them.

As devils pounded on the trapdoor, trying to pursue, the group moved on through a large set of doors, barring them behind them. They found themselves in a large, open temple, and not alone. As they moved in to explore, they were attacked by hissing humans, who seemed to have snakelike features. As they fought, they discovered another guardian, a large rattlesnake, hiding in a sand pit in the middle of the temple. This battle saw the end of the other Darrell. Fizzleburp promised the remaining Darrell that he would see his brother resurrected.

Blalock discovered a hidden door and they found a chamber guarded by clever constructs. After dispatching the guardians, they learned that this chamber was used to summon the bone devil responsible for the slaughter above. The ritual notes were written in Draconic and contained many references to Zehir, the foul god of serpents. This was not their temple, though. The cultists had desecrated the original engravings, an unrecognized symbol, somehow familiar to Chance.

They discovered another chamber hidden behind a stone fountain and engaged a gauntlet of traps, spears thrusting from the floor and large pendulum scythes barring entry deeper into the chamber. Negotiating the spears, Blalock fey stepped to get beyond the deadly scythes and was confronted by an angry ghost, demanding they prove themselves worthy. Chance realized where he knew the symbol at this point, it was the symbol of the ancient God of Battle, from before the Severing. This temple was once devoted to Oj-Morock. Sharing a portfolio with the ancient god was enough for Chance to steer the group through the questions. The ghost, bound to the temple for a 1000 years asked only for the gift of release once they had shown themselves worthy and passed on the party the remaining treasures of the temple armory.

They pressed on, finding a chamber in which a trapped floor forced them into a fight with a giant, worm like beast, a carrion crawler, with paralyzing tentacles. They slew the creature and discovered a door that Blalock surmised must lead into the mine they were fighting over mere hours ago. However, opening the door proved a bad idea as they saw dozens of carrion crawlers shuffling up the wide mineshaft toward daylight. In their midst was a true giant, a carrion crawler the size of a warship. They quickly closed the door and exited the way they had come into the temple.

They found the devils gone and as they left the outpost they looked down on the battlefield, where a few hundred corpses lay. They watched in horror as the crawlers descended on the blood soaked field, feasting on the slaughtered. After a quick discussion, Biree decided to part ways with the group, but Blalock and Darrell joined the mercenaries and decided to head north, for the town of Fallcrest, and leave these terrible events behind them.

Hell of a Battle
So it begins

Two sides marshaling forces to fight over a contested mine. Lord Alistair claimed the lands around Faberals Ford as his by right of nobility while the village council opposed his control. When villagers discovered silver in the long abandoned mine, things quickly escalated as Lord Alistair sent guardsmen to seize the mine and the town answered by marshaling their militia. Both sizes sought the aid of mercenaries and marched on one another, meeting across a field outside the mine entrance. Answering the call for aid from the village were Blalock Hullinspeed and a dragonborn paladin named Biree, met by chance on the road traveling north toward the few towns and villages in the area. Lord Alistair hired the services of the renowned Red Hand mercenary company, under the command of Havrik Oakenshield, a grizzled veteran of many campaigns. They took control of an ancient watchpost that once stood guard over the trade road that connected Shadizyr with the ancient Darmelian Empire.

The two sides faced off and battle was joined. Lord Alistair’s scouts had learned the village had recruited a powerful mage, protected by a dangerous paladin and a pair of skilled elfish archers. Havrik counciled taking them out as quickly as possible and turned to two of his best soldiers – Chance Midian, a battle-hardened cleric of Kord, and the crazy, but deadly Fizzleburp Ragebringer. Leading a small group of soldiers they flanked the main force and drove a wedge up the side of the battle, fighting their way to the enemy mage, who was blasting away on Alistair’s soldiers, protected by a cadre of militia commanded by Biree.

Just as they met in battle, the ground began to shake as if an earthquake. Suddenly, a great obsidian spike drove forth from the ground in front of the mine entrance and a legion of devils, armed with wicked barbed swords charged from inside the mine, led by a huge bone devil. They charged straight into the thick of battle, slaughtering everyone. The bone devil plucked Alistair off his horse and skewered him, then turned his attention to the rest of the mounted cavalry. The soldiers could not stand against the forces of Hell. On the far side of the battlefield, they saw the devastation and knew fear. Forgetting their combat, they ran for the only shelter nearby – the ancient watchpost. Fizzleburp at first sought to charge the devils as they slaughtered friend and foe alike, but Chance told him it was hopeless, told him to run. And he did, never looking back, he outdistanced them all. Chance fell behind and came face to face with the marauding bone devil, but the tide of war swept on by and he survived. Blalock and Biree ran with them as well, no longer concerned over what side they had just been fighting on.

They reached the post ahead of the legion devils and the few soldiers left behind to hold the post unbarred the doors and let them in. Biree and Blalock climbed one of the towers to stand on the ramparts over the road as devils streamed over the hill to assault the post. Chance and Fizzleburp fought to hold the tower door. Wave after wave broke themselves on the towers, but the soldiers and the heroes struggled on. Slowly, sheer numbers began to turn the tide against them. Fizzleburp recalled hearing some of the soldiers talking about finding a trapdoor to some structure below the watchtowers. They claimed it was haunted and that the soldier who climbed down to check it out was heard screaming, then not at all. They found the trapdoor just as the devils breached the tower door and the few survivors descended into darkness.


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