Chance Midian

Pure Priest of War! Scarred due to many "Almost glorious deaths!" Carries the Legendary Full Blade "Kord's Favor"


War and expansion of the lands were on the lips and minds of most commoners… Chance’s mother knew there was need of her services… but she did not expect the Gods to give her a child. Even when the herbalists swore she would not come to be with child… She knew she could not raise the child and she hated the Gods for her plight. She needed to keep whoring… following the army…whatever army was close at hand… they always needed services such as hers. She thought to shed the child like so many others but some say the Gods intervened … so she endured and delivered a baby boy. She left him with only his name… Sheltered in the care of the priesthood. The priests took this task on like so many others… but raised him with caring for the Gods and life. The priesthood did not however blind him to the world… war was war… life and death were part of Chances life from an early start. Since he was old enough to help… Chance cared for the injured… learned from the clergy… but he also learned from those whom he helped… there was worlds of adventure outside the life he was leading… From those he learned of nightmares walking… dead speaking… demons and monsters galore… terrible things… but he also heard of wonders…. These stories fueled him to learn even more… So for the next little time… he learned… he read… studied… trying to absorb what he could from books… people… bards…. anyone… Then when he grew frustrated at not getting the answers he sought … the Gods spoke to him… Each took there time… eased into his mind. Spoke his hopes and dreams… Chance understood them all… as he was ordained and born to…. The path of a priest was born. A Priest that was baptized in the blood of War!

Then it was Chance’s turn to follow the armies … but not like his mother… he gave aid to the hurt… blessed the righteous.. and laid waist to the abominations of the world… He never forgets his roots… his mother… his unknown father…. and his true parents… the gods… he fights on for them….Kord heard his call. Kord has seen into Chance’s heart and found battle… Kord was pleased. Chance acknowledged his place.. but still many answers elude him… Battle though is always has a way to harden and test. Chance has seen battles and they have scarred him… He has more scars than even his Changling blood can ever repair. Chance has buried friends and enemies… But he battles on… he hears Kords call!

Twists and turns in fate has landed him fighting along side Fizzleburp Ragebringer. Fizzleburp bows to no God nor does he lust for fame. Fizzleburp loves to RAGE. Chance and Fizzleburp have survived battles that no others could… Chance sees a friend and free kindred soul in Fizzleburp but Fizzleburps past haunts him. Now Chance and Fizzleburp find battle where they can.. Mercs for hire… almost all jobs accepted… almost all as long as there is BATTLE!

Pray to your Gods that you are on their side when the battle begins… just pray…

Chance Midian

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