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The World of Danin

That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange æons even death may die.

A world of darkness where aberrations from beyond roam the earth and ancient empires lay in ruins.

Civilization remains broken and scattered centuries after the world was separated from its cosmos and devoured by elder beings of the Far Realm. The old human, dwarf, elven empires fell, devils and tieflings built anew. Chaos and death spread to all corners of the earth until the heroes of that age turned back the tide, forged an alliance with a new pantheon of gods and pulled the world from the clutches of the madness and chaos of the Far Realm. While civilization clings together in isolated pockets, aberrations roam the dark places and the wealth of the ancient empires that once prospered lies just beneath the surface. The world needs to know heroes again.

In the vale known as the Nentir Vale, in the lands where the ancient Darmelian Empire once spread from coast to coast, a small band of mercenaries has come together and found their way to the town of Fallcrest . What does the future hold for them, and the shattered world of Danin?


Main Page

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